Arts and Entertainment is the driving force behind the emerging Creative Economy based in the DMV area (Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia). The 3-legged stool that fuels the Creative Economy includes:

  • Arts, entertainment, restaurants and other hospitality  ventures and venues;
  • Designers, developers, creative spaces, galleries, theaters, and festival events such as Adams Morgan Day, Bastille Race, and the annual Pride Festival;
  • Collaborative partnerships between NGOs, NPOs, CBOs, trade associations and government to spur neighborhood development activities such as the Main Street & Great Street movements.


Under PARITY PRESS, DMV202ARTS hopes to showcase the unique mix of local arts talent, hospitality venues and ‘Influencers’ and personalities that function as the economic drivers of the new Creative Economy.

DMV202ARTS is not only a vehicle to publish theater, music and cultural reviews, but seeks to develop a pool of talented writers and contributors who serve as a platform to promote public events, Town Hall discussions and cultural forums in the greater Washington DC area. DMV202ARTS is the flagship arts and entertainment digital publication of PARTIY PRESS.



Andy Shallal – Busboys & Poets

Marjorie Goldberg – Zenith Gallery

Dr. Eric Michael Dyson – Georgetown University

Richard America – Georgetown University

Marita Golden – Hurston Wright Foundation

E. Ethelbert Miller

Travon White – Ward 8 Councilman & Arts Activist

Christylez ‘Chris Style’ BaconMusician & DMV 202 ART Contributor

Vernard Grey

Jose Suerio

James Cheek