As a fresh face on the scene, the principles of PARITY PRESS have had a track record and presence in the regional and national journalism field that dates back to 1995, when we launched INSIDE MINORITY BUSINESS, a regional business journal.

The editors of PARITY PRESS review all submitted work through the lens of place, people and popular arts and entertainment events and venues and are looking for fresh stories that are clear, concise, and accurate. We accept articles covering broad interests – politics to business, travel to entertainment, sports and lifestyle. Submission is simple – we need a short biography, a short resume and basic information about you.

Submission Guidelines

Our submission process requires a short resume, a brief bio and basic contact information. A good article length is 300-500 words, though we will take them up to 1,000. Editors are always available by phone to discuss any concerns or questions you may have, including article length.

To maintain a column requires at least one article per week, however to grow an audience, and stay relevant, requires a greater commitment. Our top writers submit 2 or more original articles in a typical week and take advantage of our BLOG function to broaden their audience.

The time you spend on your column is up to you, but frequent publishing is one major key to column success.

For veteran writers, DMV202ARTS provides a solid platform that has reach to your audience and that provides access to professional editors. For new writers, just out of communications school or wanting to change career course, PARITY PRESS provides the training and tools needed to publish and promote articles. We can also help you to learn skills, meet deadlines and help you create a byline for your resume.

All writers are encouraged to access a broad variety of social media access, chat engines, and the opportunity to participate in, or host, one of our Blog Talk Radio programs.

Writers who spend time promoting their content to their social and business networks using tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email lists, message boards and word-of-mouth are the most successful. And if you’re not sure how to be an effective social media marketer, we can help you learn how to master online marketing platforms. If you are trying to grow traffic on your own blog or website, feel free to include one link to your website at the end of each post.

There is no cost to the writers and contributors, but some writers do create a pay stream while others can become shareholders and minority members in PARITY PRESS.

Please do not hesitate to contact Malcolm Lewis Barnes by phone at (202) 549-1534 if you have questions or concerns. Or, if you have a story you would like to send in, attach it to an email as a word document (please do not embed images or videos – add them as a separate attachment) and attach a JPEG or PNG head shot, 100 x 100px.

PARITY PRESS retains the right to accept or refuse to publish any article and retains the right to edit any article to meet guidelines, presently known or unknown. When discussing sensitive issues, including gun ownership and law, political policy, civil rights, race relations, LGBT issues, Immigration, or other issues, we require respect and balance in all articles.

If your article is accepted, you will be sent an addition (short and easy) form and an invitation to join PARITY PRESS as a regular columnist or contributor.

Please copy and paste the following information with any submission:

Dear Editor:

By submitting this form I hereby give PARITY PRESS, LLC and http://www.DMV202ARTS.com, permission to post my original work. By returning this document with my name and address inserted below, I attest that:

[1] This article is my own original work in its entirety except as cited/attributed to an original creator and that I accept all liability for false information, plagiarism, or libel.

[2] I understand that editors at DMV202ARTS/PARITY PRESS will edit for content, grammar, spelling and/or length. Please add links to all attributable sources or research.

[3] I understand that I am giving the DMV202ARTS/PARITY PRESS my permission to publish this column without restraint.

[4] I understand that publishing of this work is not a guarantee of employment, future publishing or promise of payment from DMV202ARTS/PARITY PRESS.

[5] I understand that publishing of any work does not give permission to the author to represent that they are a columnist or staff writer for DMV202ARTS/PARITY PRESS.

We appreciate your submission to DMV202ARTS/PARITY PRESS .

If you would like to speak to an editor regarding having an ongoing column, please do not hesitate to contact us at 202-549-1534.

I,_________, have read and agree to the above terms of publishing as a guest writer at PARITY PRESS.

Please insert your address/phone: __________________________________


Save this document as a Word.doc and email back to editor@DMV202ARTS.com. By sending this document to Malcolm L. Barnes from your email address, it signifies that you have read, understand and agree to the previous terms.  Please insert initials here (____).

Also, please attach a 100×100 JPEG or PNG headshot of yourself (in focus).


Thank you for your submission to DMV202ARTS/PARITY PRESS!