PARITY PRESS is a District of Columbia, LLC that is privately and family owned. The Mission of PARITY’S flagship arts and entertainment digital publication – DMV202ARTS – is to provide compelling and market and place driven content that reflects the dynamic Creative Economy in the Washington Metro area, AKA ‘The DMV’!

The first concern of PARITY PRESS is the reader’s experience and the protection of their personal information. We do not actively collect information from our site readers and visitors. To build our reader base, we collect email addresses and zip codes from public and direct marketing sources and we promise that this information will never be used for any purpose other than the distribution of regular email newsletters. The email list is managed in-house by PARITY PRESS and will never be made available to any third party, advertiser, or contributor to DMV202ARTS.

Email addresses will never be sold, bartered, or provided to any third party for any reason. PARITY PRESS does have advertisers on our sites that include local and regional businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions, but we are not limited to Google Ad Sense.

These advertiser platforms are guided by their own privacy policies. Advertisement platforms may change and this policy will be updated to include additions or changes of advertiser platforms.

Of those advertisements, they are delivered from hundreds of Advertisers across a multitude of Digital Content Provider properties. When you visit one of these properties, our automated system may collect “click stream data” related to your visit to the property.

PARITY PRESS complies with and supports the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and utilizes Disqus to manage comments, which is governed by their company user and privacy policies.

PARITY PRESS will endeavor to adhere and follows generally accepted industry standards for acceptable content and to protect against unauthorized access to, destruction or disclosure of data.  Any data that may be stored on our servers is treated as confidential and is not made generally available to the public or any third party, and contributors are edited and we will not publish content that violates our content guidelines.

Our servers are protected by firewalls and are located in secure data facilities to further increase security. Despite these reasonable efforts to protect data on our servers no method of transmission over the Internet is guaranteed to be absolutely secure.

Therefore, we strive to protect your personal data at all times, but cannot guarantee its absolute security and shall not be liable for any breach of security by an outside party.

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